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Babysport is a center for babies and young children that aim to recognize and support early development problems. At our center, we offer a variety of individual therapies and also movement and singing lessons in small groups to support children's social skills development and exercise habits. Babysport can be found in Tallinn and Tartu.

Services offered:

1.Individual physiotherapy (for 2 months old babies and older).

A physiotherapist helps to develop the child's movement and physical abilities. The purpose of physiotherapy is to restore, in whole or in part, the functional capacity of the locomotor apparatus or organs.

Physiotherapy is necessary for babies with:

(i) Delays in motor development (eg, head control, trouble with turning from back to stomach or vice versa, walking skills, etc.)

(ii) Aversion to prone position

(iii) The asymmetry between the sides of the body (eg looking more to one side, favoring one arm or leg when grasping or crawling, asymmetry of the body trunk, etc.)

(iv) Spastic or hypotonic muscle tone

(v) Hip dysplasia

For toddlers' individual physiotherapy, we expect children who walk awkwardly, fall or stumble frequently, sit with a spine, walk on tiptoes, have strong O- or X-knees.

Our physiotherapists also help children with various postural problems, orthopedic, neurological or rheumatological diseases.

Physiotherapy supports and develops the child's independence and thereby improves the quality of life. 

The one -time fee for individual physiotherapy sessions is 20 euros, five times of sessions cost 75 euros. 

2.Group exercise for babies and toddlers (from the age of 3 months).

In a baby's group lesson, we learn to stretch, bend, turn and find balance. In toddler's class, we do simpler walking and running exercises, climb obstacle to develop balance and dexterity, and try to throw and catch balls to improve coordination and hand-eye cooperation. 

The one-time fee to attend the class is 12 euros, monthly fee is 30 euros. Timetable here.

3.Group singing classes (for babies 5 months old and older)

In this class, we are singing together with children, playing different instruments, patting, clapping, jumping, dancing and discovering the world of music in a playful way.  

The one-time fee to attend the class is 12 euros, a monthly fee is 30 euros. Timetable here​.

4. Posture-school (for children from age 3 to 12)

In the posture-school we do exercises that focus on the correct walking and keeping correct body posture. 

The one -time fee to attend the class is 12 euros, the monthly fee is 30 euros.

5. Special education teacher service. 

The special education teacher is developing the child's cognitive, communication, and social skills and assists the child with learning difficulties. 

The one- time session fee is 35 euros, five- time session fee is 150 euros and the ten-time session fee is 300 euros. (Only in Estonian)

6.The speech therapist service. 

A speech therapist deals with the oral and written speech of a child. 

The one-time session fee is 40 euros and the five-time time session fee is 160 euros. (Only in Estonian)

7. Occupational therapy service

Occupational therapy develops both the child's cognitive skills and speech. 

The one-time session fee is 35 euros, five-time session fee is 150 euros and the ten-time session fee is 300 euros. 

8. Baby's and toddlers swimming classes (in Tartu only)

9. Nutrition counseling. 

(Only in Estonian)

Pre-registration is required for all classes and services. Our therapists speak Estonian, English and Russian!


Babysport in Tallinn:

phone: 6999 603


located at Ülemiste Health Centre

Valukoja 7

Tallinn 11415

Babysport in Tartu

phone: 7477 066


Babysport Tartu is located at Annelinna Health Center in Tartu

Mõisavahe 34b, Tartu

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